Devil Dogs

Progress has been slow on the hobby front this month, but I continue to push forward on various projects.

These guys constitute the extent of my allied progress with a planned "Islands of Glory" campaign back in the late 90's.  I had fully intended to build an entire USMC company including armor support with a comparable Japanese force for playing Battleground WWII in the Pacific.  The project kind of died on the vine with only 17 Marines and 20+ Japanese troops.

I opted to clean these guys up a little bit with some fresh paint over the chips, a varnish wash and some extra detailing.  I have 11 total rifleman plus a couple squad leaders and specialists.  I can't remember the manufacturer or source on these, but I think they are Britannia.

I also found some 1/72 scale LVTs that need some love.  At this point I am thinking about just purging the whole lot as I really want to consolidate my scales down the road.  Of course, I still have a sizable group of Japanese Infantry as well as Ha-Go tanks, so the jury might still be out.


  1. I like them! The figures do remind me of Britannia. I once had a few Britainnia Vietnam 20mm figures and the sculpting looks similar.

    1. Yeah, they have that "lumpy" look of Britannia figs. I am torn over scale right now, but I am really favoring purging the 20's and 15's to focus on the 6's and 28's.

    2. My 20mm Vietnam project is long gone and no more 20mm collections exist for me. You didn't mention your burgeoning 10mm ACW project. Surely, you are not considering purging it? 10mm is perfect for ACW.

    3. No I have settled on 10mm for ACW (Thus the purge of the 6mm and 15mm collections) I am considering using 10mm to replace my War of 1812 collection as well. The main piece is dealing with the 15mm and 20mm stuff.


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