Artillery for Saxony

The cascading rain of Saxony continues!  This time it is the first two batteries of artillery.  These are Baccus Prussian gunners with 6lb guns.  I don't have any alternative models to hand, so I opted to represent the 8lb piece by painting it in "rough iron" instead of brass.  Saxony's gun carriages stand out nicely as they were painted in a black/brown "Creosote" color with brass furniture.  It helps them stand out quite well at this scale.  The crew are in simple green coats with red facings and buff pants.

I should probably get some limbers as well, but baccus does not seem to do anyone with Bicornes. Still, progress!


  1. Great looking guns and gunners, well done!

  2. The Saxon artillery are quite appealing, and yours look great. The black carriages with brass (or yellow painted) fittings echo the main colors of the Saxon coat of Arm.


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