Odds and end to finish the quarter

With April finally here, the first quarter of 2017 comes to a close. I opted to knock out a few old figures to finish out the period. This turned out to be two more plastic  Greek Hoplites for Mason's small collection.  There are still from the same Warlord Plastics boxed set, and feature some of the transfers from the box.  He seems to like them, so I may be upgrading his older Greek Heroes from 2015.

I also did a couple civilian figures from Perry's Japanese Villagers pack.  I tried fairly simple with the Kimono as they are ,meant to be part of the scenery.

So how is the year progressing?

Fairly good.  I have completed 47 line items from my list of 167.  28mm  still accounts for 80% of my production, but I have only been tackling it and 6mm so far.  The goal of tackling some 6mm pieces each month as also been working well.  For the existing project goals:

Addressed so far
  • 6mm Renaissance - One pike block left to go and the figures on-hand will be complete.  
  • 28mm Imjin War - Another unit of Spearmen and more Swordsmen are nearly complete. The next big push will be the handgunners and archers.  
  • 28mm Samurai - Several Units of Ashigaru are done, and I have made a serious dent in Samurai contingent.  
  • 28mm Renaissance -  I have two units of Jinettes and some Italian swordsmen nearly completion, and enough figures to finish the last pike square.

Still awaiting the brush

  • 1/6000 Naval - Complete the US Carriers and Capitol Ships
  • 6mm Moderns - Complete INF BDE for PLA and cold war USSR
  • 6mm Fantasy - Complete remaining figures (6 units)
  • 6mm Napoleonics - Paint the %$&! Saxons.
  • 10mm ACW - Complete 2 Brigades of CSA Infantry and round out my last three Brigades of US Infantry.  Complete the Limbers necessary to provide status markers for 10 field pieces per side.
  • 15mm Halo - Paint the rest of the box set, and enough additional figures to get the game on the table this year.
  • 15mm Samurai Battles  - 2 units of cavalry, 2 untis of Peasants and the Command tents

A fairly good start.  Let see what I can do to derail myself in the next few months. 


  1. Kimono looks great! Yellow with red, vertical pattern is a good one.
    Samurai Battles in 15mm...I have two units that have been lingering in the painting queue since before Christmas. Other stuff keeps trumping them in the queue.

    As for derailment, I would be more surprised if you did not get derailed. I suspect you will.
    Great progress on the painting from in Q1. Good job!

    1. I guess I have already been derailed by ancients, but the train has not quite jumped the tracks yet.

  2. SOome nice odds and ends there!

  3. Great job, wonderful shields and kimono...

    1. Thanks, I am going to try something a little more detailed for the next Kimono.


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