Korean Spearmen

Meanwhile. the never ending march of Korean Heavy Infantry moves on!  I opted to go with a rather sedate paint scheme based on some historical reinactors I saw in Suwon.  This should provide some counter-weight to the brightly colored swordsmen and opposing samurai swamping the table.
These 12 spearmen are the first part of a larger unit that finishes the core of this army.   I still have plenty of missile troops to knock out before it is field ready, however.


  1. Your heavy infantry look very determined. Excellent brushwork!

  2. Good looking spearmen.
    What is the expected final strength of your Koreans, Jake?

    1. Based on what I have on-hand the Regular infantry will be comprised of 48 Halberdiers, 36 Spearmen, 24 Archers, 24 Handgunners, 24 sword and shield, and 12 double swordsmen.


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