Italian swordsmen

I finally got around to finishing some of my Casting Room Miniature swordsmen.  I had originally planned on using these guys with my Spanish pikes, but thought they fit in better with my small Venician contingent.  I tried a crude Gryphon and Key symbol on one of the shields, and will definitely need to revisit it in the future. Maybe mix in some yellow?  

As with the other CRM miniatures, these figures have few details, but are crisply molded.  They lend themselves well to simple paint schemes. or a simpleton painter.


  1. Well, I think they look terrific and your freehand shield design is nice. I would be pleased with the result and leave it as it lay.

  2. Impressive and wonderful swordsmen, well done!

  3. Replies
    1. They definitely work for me. I think they match well with Perry plastics, they do however, look a little plain next to the Foundry figures in my collection.

  4. Perhaps not quite as fancy as regular Foundry figures, but they are more than adequate to get the job done!

    1. For these figures, I agree. Some of he CRM figures are just as good or even better than Foundry. Their Normans are excellent.


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