Feeling limber

Spring is here so it is time to knock out some more projects.  I have not seen much progress with the 10mm ACW project since last October, so I figured it was time to do some limbers.  Jon got me hooked on Regimental Fire and Fury, and his system for using limbers to track damage to batteries.  With that in mind, I ordered some more limbers to get enough for most engagements.

First up are three standard limbers split into two stands groups.  I kept the paint schemes generally neutral as I wanted the option to press them into service for either side in a pinch.

The other two are part of GHQ's Siege Gun limber pack, so they lack the seats and extra crew.  I am assuming that my siege guns will get very little actual use in games, so they will serve as general support in the future as well.

Now I just need to finish the CSA limbers.  Then perhaps I need to complete a 6mm unit for the month?


  1. Great job in cranking out more limbers! Not something that hits the top of my Painting Wish List. I have one 15mm limber rolling off the painting desk soon. Plenty of 10mm ACW teams and limbers await my brush too. I recently knocked a small box of 10mm limbers off the small cabinet next to my paint desk. The box fell behind the cabinet spilling its contents between the wall and back of the cabinet. I have not fetched it yet as I think it may have been a sign from the Gods...

    We ought to plan out another RFF game in 10mm. Brawner's Farm was a good tussle and we should keep RFF in a semi-regular rotation. First, though, Montebello 1800 will see action on my gaming table next.

    1. While not a logistician by trade, I find their presence comforting on the battlefield. That and I like to eliminate paper counters where ever I can.

      I am enjoying RFF, and actually plan to re-do my War of 1812 collection to suit it in time. I am also looking forward to Montebello again. What rules are we using?

  2. They look super!

    I like the look of limbers on the table, and they help prevent players from cramming too many guns into too small a space. On the other hand, I don't like their cost and I hate painting them! Tell me about Jon's Limber/casualty system...

    1. The system is pretty easy. The damage rating in RFF is for whole and 1/2 batteries. Thus a gun with a whole limber is a full battery. If the front two horses are removed it is a 1/2 battery.


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