Imjin War - 1st Division reports

 The leader of the Japan's 1st division, Konishi Yukinaga was unique in being one of the few Christian Daimyo in Japan.  He was somewhat impetuous in the early stages of the war, and launched his attack as soon as his force landed (rather than wait for reinforcements).  This infuriated the second divisions commander, Katō Kiyomasa, stoking an intense rivalry between them.

For the unit, this really only means that I had an excuse to do one of the known Christian Mon on their sashimono.  These figures are from the Perry Range and are actually modeled with Sashimono, rather than needing to be drilled and pinned.

The color pattern is less historically based, then I wanted to try and get a 'russet' effect for the laminar armor.  I still playing with armor colors and lace patterns for the samurai and the Ashigaru give me the opportunity to create little "Islands of Uniformity" amidst a sea of multi-colored samurai.
The Perry Figures do paint up quite nicely, and are much more rugged than my Wargame's Factory plastics.  I am considering exploiting the release of Warlord Games (The current owner of the plastics range) Test of Honor rules to sell off the plastics in my collection to fund more Perry figures!


  1. Red and white combination on these teppo looks great as does your new blog look! What new template did you choose?

    1. Temporio, I think.... I just opted to try something new, a little spring cleaning I suppose.

    2. I like it, but as for the minis, I am not sure of the hand-drawn Mon. My freehand skills are better meant for 6mm.

    3. My freehand skills are better spent on creating stick figures. Your mons look fine.


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