Dem bones...

I decided to clean up and finish painting a batch of GW skeletons I picked up back in 2015.  These figures were in fairly rough shape, and I wanted to add them to the small 28mm Fantasy collection I use with my son from time to time.

Part of my goals for 2017 is to tackle "the shelf" next to my painting desk.

Seen here on the left in better times.
The shelf is primarily a repository for half completed miniatures and abandoned projects.  I have it organized (let's been generous with that word.)  by scale, with shelves dedicated to 28mm (x2), 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, 6mm, and the dreaded 'bottom shelf"  Some projects will flow from deep storage onto the shelf in the hopes of achieving apotheosis... or at least getting paint.  This is where a Dwarf in a bunny suit can linger unseen for the better part of two decades.  Thus, I intend to dredge out at least 2 of these projects a month, I hope.

you called?
Back to the skeletons..

Overall, I have 34 of these guys split between 24 spearmen and 10 swordsmen.  These are from GW's more recent collection (i.e. w/in the last 20 years) and thus suffer from Gigantism in both bone density and weapon heft.

I cleaned up the basic paint schemes, then repainted the weapons and shields.  I went over the shields with dark metals, followed by a black wash, and then finally a dusting of rust weathering powder.
The legs received similar treatment with AP Dark wash followed by burnt umber weathering powder.

Finally I added a mix of dark greens and dead grass to the bases to give them a finished look.  In the long term, I think I need to find a good weathering technique for the blades.  They need some rust.

Lastly, I wanted to call out this guy...

Why does he have a trumpet?  How does he sound it?  Who is being motivated by it?  so many questions!


  1. Good for you in tackling these old projects. Did your skeletons have more lead on their bones 20 years ago? Can you provide more info on weathering powders? What are they and how are they used?

    1. I will do better then an update on the powders!

  2. One can almost hear the rattle! That trumpet is really a hearing assist device. After all, skeletons have poor hearing. Wait, they don't have ears anyway. Never mind!

    1. they just raise so many questions. Like why do they need to add skulls to their shields?


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