Sohei Teppo

Some Sohei handgunners to reinforce my existing warrior monks.  I have a total of 24 of these, so I opted to focus on getting them done six at a time to complete both units for mixing and matching down the road.  I went with the usual mix of Orange, Yellow and Black robes, but thought to add some color through the lacing on the exposed armor.  These are all Perry sculpts and bring me up to a usable force for Lion Rampant.
Long term I want to find some cavalry support as well as some archers and a better mix of weapons.  The preferred weapon of the Sohei was the naginata, but they also used weighted clubs, hammers and some gardening implements.  Perry's range is limited to Uesegi Kenshin in a cowl for cavalry, so I may need to look elsewhere to grow this force.  I am thinking of picking up Northstar's Sohei Buntai, but that may need to wait until I can find a source not charging 40% for shipping.


  1. A dozen fine looking figures, Jake! Not only are you jumping around touching many projects in January but you managed to hit a good painting points total for the month. 500+ PP is a great accomplishment!

    1. Thanks. I am trying to get in the habit of updating my numbers when I complete a unit, rather than when I post it. (It gives a more accurate metric for me to monitor.) I have three more units waiting for a break in the weather to dull coat at the moment. (1 Unit each of Landsknecht, Ashigaru and Korean Infantry)


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