Korean Heavy Infantry

Now that the Garrison and Guerrilla troops are complete it is time to move on to the heavy infantry.  First up are some pole-arm equipped soldiers in tan.  I am trying to get some organization in the collection by focusing on using one color of armor for each unit, with variations in the trim and underclothes.  

The overall plan is to 6-7 24 man units to include Halberds, Spears, Spear/Shield, Bowman, Swordsman and finally some double swordsman.  I have most of the minis on-hand so the key now is time.


  1. These heavies look great! Six or seven 24-man units will be an impressive sight. Keep up the good work!

  2. Really nice looking figures, Jake. I continue to enjoy your blogs coverage of this era of Korean history!

    1. It has been an interesting journey. If I get the chance to return to Korea, I intend to do more investigation.


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