Imjin War -Kato's reinforcements

My first section of Teppo to reinforce the 2nd Division Spearmen I completed back in December.  I am running short on plastic Sashimono, so I opted not to add them to this group... yet.  

They are painted in the same scheme as the spearmen, to allow them to fit in with the group.  The decals are from the same Perry Miniatures set as well.  I have another 12 lined up to finish the group as I am planning on doing a 1:1 density of spears/handguns for this time period.

I really like how the metal Perry figures are turning out, so I am considering filling out the plastic units with a few Perry figs each to bring them up to the appropriate strength.  The only downside is that I almost have all of the Ashigaru complete, which takes away my excuse not to get the Samurai done.  The detail makes them much more challenging at this scale.  I should really do more 6mm....


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