2016 has come to a close, and so it is time to reflect on last years goals, before establishing my objectives for 2017.  Rather than my usual self-denigrating journey into the ennui of comparing goals or accomplishments, I will focus only on objects met, or nearly met, for this post.

With that said:

1.  Complete castings for the following ERAs.
  • 6mm Fantasy - A few figures to complete to be ready for some mass battles.
    • Most all of the existing figures are painted, I need to fill in some gaps to allow me to base about 30 of them.

  • 6mm WOTR - Lots of casualty figures still need completion. 
    • Done, finished.  These guys for medieval or WOTR.

I even got the Napoleonic cavalry casualties done as a bonus.

  • 6mm Terrain  - I have too many boxes of unfinished work.   
    • A lot of progress here. I finished several old buildings and even did some Ruin markers.  There is still a lot to go.

  • 28mm WWII - I have the models available to finish my Paratrooper Platoon and do a Waffen-SS Platoon to act as OPFOR.
    • Another success story.  I have a couple of LMGs to upgrade my Paratroopers, but otherwise ready to play.

  • 28mm Qin Chinese - This is definitely the new project for the year, as the Kickstarter I backed is finally shipping this month.  
    • Two in a row!  I not only painted all of the figures, but also finished two additional units from Casting Room Miniatures.

  • 28mm Fantasy - rehabilitate the rest of my old WHFB Bretonnian army as well as the few outstanding Empire figures that support my Renaissance project.
    • I completed several Empire figures, but I still need to finish the last of the Grail Knights.

  • 20mm WWII - Complete my UK Paras, US Paratroopers and German Panzergrenadiers.  Rehabilitate my Falschirmjaegers and Wehrmacht units.
    • Paratroopers, Wehrmacht and Panzergrendiers up to date.  The UK and German Paras, not so much.

  • 10mm ACW - I need to finish painting about 400 castings to eliminate the backlog.  I don't wish to carry any more unpainted figures into 2017. 
    • I painted more than I anticipated, however I picked up a few hundred more CSA infantry resulting in my creating a new backlog.

  • 15mm Sanurai - I have two regiments of peasants and three regiments of Cavalry still awaiting completion.  The rest will be surplus.
    • Two units of Archers completed.  

  • 1/6000 Naval -These need to be completed or sold.  
    • The Japanese contingent and all of the US Destroyers are complete.  Just need to finish the US BBs, Cruisers and Carriers
In addition, I started work on a few other unplanned projects.

The largest probably stemmed from my trip to Korea back in march, opening up a study of Koreas relationship with its neighbors:

This prompted some more work onto the Japanese side of the argument as well

I started a brief segue into Science Fiction board-gaming

I picked up some MOPP equipped figures I have had my eye on for some time

And I finally got the 6mm Landsknecht minis I have awaited for years

The overall summary of the work:

1/6000 Scale IJN Capital Ships -10
1/6000 Scale IJN Cruisers and Destroyers -12
10mm CSA Artillery -8
10mm CSA Cavalry - 30
10mm CSA Infantry -164
10mm Union Artillery -17
10mm Union Infantry - 391
15mm Buildings -2
15mm Fantasy Cavalry -3
15mm Fantasy Infantry - 59
15mm Roman Cavalry -6
15mm Roman Infantry - 7
15mm Samurai Infantry -25
15mm Science Fiction Infantry - 38
1850mm Cabinet Doors -10
20mm Fortifications -13
20mm Terrain Pieces - 4
20mm WWII Armored Vehicles -2
20mm WWII German Infantry -19
28mm Ancient Chinese Cavalry - 22
28mm Ancient Chinese Infantry - 152
28mm Buildings -4
28mm Cold War Armor -3
28mm Cold War Infantry - 41
28mm Fantasy Artillery -3
28mm Fantasy Foot -3
28mm Korean Artillery - 8
28mm Korean Cavalry -8
28mm Korean Infantry - 121
28mm Modern Infantry -5
28mm Renaissance Infantry -8
28mm Samurai -41
28mm Samurai Cavalry - 12
28mm US Infantry -13
28mm Walls and Fences - 42
28mm WWII German Infantry -48
6mm - Renaissance Fantasy Vehicles - 4
6mm Casualty Markers - 65
6mm Dwarf Artillery - 12
6mm Modern Armor -66
6mm monsters and mounts -6
6mm Renaissance Artillery - 48
6mm Renaissance Infantry - 328
6mm Sci Fi Terrain - 18

so, enough with the self-congratulatory stuff.  Next we look at how we really did, and what needs to happen to improve it! 


  1. I would say that was a banner year for painting and meeting many of your goals. I find you Korean project particularly fascinating, as I know so little about pre-modern Korea and its history.

    1. I am in a similar boat, thus why I sought to learn more. If you are looking for a good primer check out the "Topics in Korean history podcast". The black water dragon series is great.

  2. 5165 - is that you Painting Points production for 2016?

    1. Yup. It seems I started a tradition four years ago of making my first post of the new year my point total for the last...

  3. Jake! Those are really impressive numbers! I always think myself as being an adequately fast painter until I see you and Scott's totals. Very well done!


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