Rollin, rollin, rollin...

I picked up some more 4Ground Japanese terrain from Caliver Books last month, so I opted to throw in some scatter terrain as well.  In this case I have two Asian Hand Carts and an Oxcart.

The models come pre-stained and are relatively easy to assemble.  The instructions call for PVA glue, but I find that CyA and accelerant work much better for dealing with the fiddly bits.

The Ox is a Foundry(?) model I have had sitting in the parts bin for some time, so it works out nicely to finally have a reason to paint it up.  I need to find some appropriate bundles or scratch build some cargo to go on these to help them really 'pop' on the table.


  1. I like these a lot as well. Crates are easy to make, and sacks not too difficult. Baskets would seem even more "Asian" to me. I am not sure what they used for liquids - barrels, pots, gourds, etc?

    1. Good questions, I am going to look about and see what I can use to fill these up properly.

  2. Oh these have come up really well and if that is the finish as they are supplied I'm even more impressed.
    Best Iain


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