Renaissance in 6mm... Clank clank, I'm a tank!

Along with the miniatures necessary to fill out my 6mm Renaissance designs, I opted to pick up a few of the more 'fanciful' designs Microworld Games has included with this line.  Seen here are a collection of Steam tanks, loosely patterned off of the old WHFB Empire steam tank design ethic.  (This works quite well in light of GW's utter destruction of their old WHFB cannon has left a void in the realm of Renaissance-Themed  Fantasy collections)

There are three overall designs.  I asked to get all three of the model below, rather than one of each that comes in the pack, and the Steve at Microworld saw fit to just add the two tanks to the existing pack.  (He is really good about accommodating special requests.  For example he let me substitute more pikemen for other units in their bulk army packs)

The model above is probably my favorite as it has the right mix of design elements to make it seem plausible.  (The steel clad timber wheels are a nice touch) I tried to do a mix of Gunmetal/iron, brass and copper to fit the time period.

This one is little more fanciful with both a turreted cannon and a spiked ram.  I guess the ram is for sieges? (Otherwise I think a cow-catcher would work better against a pike block.

Lastly, this guy looks the most like da Vinci's tank design but with twin boilers rather than four stout men to drive it.  The addition of the shields on the out hull allows for some addition of color that doesn't detract from the model.

I may use these with the Warmaster rooms, although I am thinking of trying a modified version of Command and Colors Ancients for the era.  In this case, the tanks may act as elephants.  More testing may be required....

This leaves me with one unpainted model, I am thinking of kit basing a tank commander in the hatch.  Someone with a truly majestic mustache.


  1. This is a bit of craziness from your workbench today! Perhaps you shouldn't have so much time off during the holidays? Nice work on the models. C&C: Steampunk? Now that is an interesting idea!

    1. To be fair, we are still at work today, so vacation has not started yet.
      My only defense is that my primary gaming opponent is 10, so I need to be flexible.

  2. Marvelously quirky cankers! Is Mason 10 years old already? Wow! Gotta watch out for 10 year old opponents, though. That's how old I was when my dad taught me to play chess. He won the first game... and never won another after that, LOL!

    1. Yes, of late I have engaged in some intense rounds of Stratego. He is also undefeated in Samurai Battles this month.


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