More adventures in 1850mm

Work continues in my long standing quest to complete the Den.  During my extended Thanksgiving break, I decided to finally tackle the book cases.  My wife did a phenomenal job re-surfacing and painting our kitchen cabinets using Chalk paints and tinted wax, so I opted to  remnants to tackle the west wall and the reading corner.  

I opted to go with a Graphite wall paint, and a deeper grey for the cabinet.  Overall I think it turned out well.  Especially considering my starting point back in the summer of 2012:

Moving in

Getting comfortable
to this...

Also of note, I added the swinging door last year.  It has proved a godsend as my house is infested with a strain of felis domesticus that preys on small figurines.

Long term plans from here are to re-do the ceiling and the walls.  I am thinking of doing wood paneling for the overhead, and I need to come up with a lighter colors for the walls that will help to increase the ambient light.  I also plan on crafting some sliding cabinet doors for my long cabinet in order to hide more of the clutter behind well-crafted wood facades...

That's right, I'm looking at you pal!

On the gaming front, I managed to join Jon for an evening of Samurai Battles.  We opted to try the 4th Kawanakijima series of battles from the basic set.  We only completed 3 of the four scenarios as we had to invoke the "murder rule" to end the bitter humiliation of my Takeda army against the savage ruthlessness of the Uesegi juggernaut.


  1. Excellent progress on the Game Room! I agree that lighter wall coloring would enhance gameability. For me, I need as much light as possible for these aging eyes although Nancy insists I ought to paint my Game Room something other than a linen color. She may be right!

    "Murder Rule?" It was murderous at times but did you mean "Mercy Rule?" An evening of great fun for me! Glad you could stop by and bring your troops for an outing.

    1. We called it the murder rule when one team was so utterly dominating the other side.


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