Sierra 117

He's a monument to your sins
 Please indulge one of my "guilty pleasure" projects.   I always enjoyed the Halo storyline (and driving the Warthog), so I thought I would pick up Spartan's new Halo Ground Command to try out.  I like the mix of military scifi with an outlandish opponent, so it definitely gives me a challenge on both sides of the spectrum.  (The Covenant forces will require a lot of metallics)

You get a lot of miniatures with the starter box, which is nice as the new vehicles are not inexpensive. For the UNSC side you basically get a reinforced platoon with some light armor support.  This includes a command stand with Officer, Radio Operator and Medic

8 Stands of Infantry with a mix of ARs, Grenade Launchers and Shotguns

2 Stands of (SPnKR) Missile Launchers -I always liked that name.

  and 2 stands of HMGs.  Which apparently don't need additional ammunition.  Just like in the game!
The models all come with textured resin bases.

  For the paint scheme l was going to try to do the OCP pattern l did with my 28mm modern US, but found the scale muddied things up too much.  Instead I opted for BF US Khaki uniforms with BF German Light Cammo green armor plates.  The straps and webbing are US Grey-Green.  The
The Spartans are unique in that they all represent the same character.  If your Rifle armed model contacts a supply cache he can swap it out for the Rocket Launcher or Spartan Laser.  Because I am a huge nerd I also opted to paint a tiny "117" on each model as well.
Serves more teabags than Lipton

Among the terrain pieces you also get two bunkers.  These are cast on a resin sheet with punch out sheets, with some laminated cardboard facades to spruce them up.  I opted to assembled and paint mine with a mix of greys to make them look a little more concrete.

This leaves me with with just the 2 Warthogs to paint and then it is on the aliens.  Hopefully I can get them done in time for Christmas break.  

For those interested, Spartan is selling these kits for 40% off this weekend on their website(.  It works out to about $48.75 US + $12.50 for postage.