Finishing the gun line

Idaho schools don't take today off, so I took advantage of mid day silence to tackle some more fallow projects.  This time is was the last set of old GW Warhammer Empire field pieces in the bits box.  This included two mortars and an old plastic cannon.

The two mortars show a progression onward from the original released back in the early 90's:

I will be including "Leonardo" as he is my all time favorite sculpt from the range.
 I am not sure of the source of this next model.  I picked it up with a load of old GW minis, and it does not bear any of the crowns, "KFs" and/or sculls indicative of GW fantasy sculpts.  That said, it is a solid chunk of metal and the barrel is well turned.

Lastly there is the more recent sculpt GW did to put the weapon on a mobile gun carriage.  Much less realistic, but I suppose these are meant for a fantasy range, so allowances must be made.

In addition to the mortars I also knocked out this old Cannon from Battle Masters board game.  It is well detailed for a plastic casting in the mid 90's and has endured the time well. The crew is long gone, but at least I can crew it with some contemporary Empire crewmen.

I still have some tool/powder chests to finish, but this at least completes my unpainted GW artillery from the bits box.  (maybe, I'm sure there is another Helblaster volley gun lurking out there somewhere.)

If you have a veteran in your life be sure to take time out of your day to recognize them.  This year, rather than just saying than you, try this:  "What is your favorite memory of your service?"  You might get a good story, and you will probably make their day a little brighter.


  1. I have always had an attraction to mortars of this sort; IIRC, there vare quite a few on display on the Yorktown battlefield. Although my late father and father in law were both WW2 veterans, and both of my great grandfathers were sergeants in the USMC in WW1, with them gone, there is not a single veteran left anywhere in my extended family, although my sister retired from the JAG corps as a Colonel a few years back.

    1. I saw several at Yorktown last June. They didn't look much like these however. (Much smaller in my pics)

      Your sister still counts as a veteran. I don't differentiate between combat veterans and former service members on veteran's day. My brother was a sonar tech on a ship escorting reflagged Kuwaiti tankers, and another family member was an ICBM squadron commander. I think they count too.


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