Merd-e! wait... I mean MERDC

A couple of extra vehicles join my Cold War 28s.  In addition to the BTR-60PB, I opted to get another iconic rig: an M113 APC.  (Note these are called, "APCs, Tracks, Carriers or 113s".  Calling it the "Gavin" is an excellent indicator that you don't know what you are talking about.)

I wanted to try some different techniques to do the MERDC pattern without breaking out the airbrush.  I think I had some mixed results.  In this case I base coated the model in AP Army Green, blocked out the stripes with liquid masking material and sprayed it again with AP leather fur brown.
This means that I didn't get the feathering I wanted from the technique, but it will work for now.  I also added some weathering pigments and Taimiya "Smoke" to give it a used look.  I opted to spend the extra $1.50 to get the TOW version (pintle mount, not the Hammerhead ITV), so you may see the TOW launcher at some future point, like if I actually get a T-62 or T-55.  Perhaps I should get an M151 MUTT.....

While picking up some weathering pigments I found this fellow at the local model shop:

At $12 I figured it was worth the risk.  This time I did use the airbrush and came up with this:

If nothing else, it will provide a target for my Sagger

I think the M48 is a larger scale than the 1/56 M113, but not by much.  The M48 and M60 families were really tall vehicles (much taller than the M1 for example), and it seems you could step off the hull of an M48 to the top of a 113.  I never served on an M48 though, although I have put a fair number of rounds and missiles into them on the range.


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