Liao Mech Company

My primary interest has generally been with Eridiani Lighthorse mercenary unit, so I tended to collect allies and opponents for them to fight.  I opted to do a late era Liao company as one of the OPFOR units.  The game fluff around this time had many Liao mechs being augmented with Stealth capabilites, so I opted for a stealth motiff.  The paint scheme was inspired by the original camouflage scheme used for the F117 Nighthawk before the Air Force said "real stealth planes wear black."   The lances are an assault lance, fire lance and a light recon lance to paint targets for the other two.

Jinggau (L), Yuhuang, Lao Hu (Center),  Emperor (R) 

Foreground: Sha Yu, Men Shen Prime; Background Modfied Men Shen-D and Whitworth

Fire lance with Catapult and Longbow missile mechs, a modified Arrow IV catapult and a Raven for target designation

Longbow assault mech


Modified Catapult C3.  I envisioned Arrow-IV more as a tube launched MLRS, than the weird rocket thing in the fluff.

Raven Scout

Lau Hu Heavy Mech

Jinggau Heavy

Emperor Assault mech

My Yu Huang - Lurch

Whitworth medium mech.  I needed another missileer to round out the lance.   

I also have some armored infantry painted up that  I need to add.  Perhaps when The Boy gets older he will want to try the board game.  Otherwise back into storage!


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    1. Thanks, it is nice to wipe the dust off from time to time.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I suspect Mason might indeed find these of interest a few years from now.

    1. Perhaps, currently if it is not Clash of Clans or Minecraft is does not register with him.


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