Big Truck Rolling

A little armored support for my small Cold War collection in the form of a Sloppy Jalopy BTR-60PB.  I always considered this an iconic vehicle for the Soviets, along withe the BMP and the T-55.  I remember one of my soldiers having a tough time remembering its nomenclature preparing for an AFVID test when my platoon sergeant said "Big Truck Rolling! Don't make it hard."

This is my first attempt since playing WH40K 25+ years ago at painting armored vehicles at this scale, so I decided to go for broke and try doing some weathering at the same time. I am starting out with Vellajo weathering pigments and Tamiija Smoke.  

The base is AP Army Green with a varnish wash and progressive highlights in Russian Green with AP Skeleton Bone mixed in.  I didn't have any appropriate decals, but I intend to fix that in the near future.  For now there is an M113 and M48 that will be getting similar treatment.  I found this guy at a model shop for $12, so I don mind experimenting:


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