A gracious and overwhelming gift

During a game back in August, Kevin asked if anyone wanted "some Geohex"  I jumped on the offer immediately as I have wanted to collect Geohex since I first saw it in the 80's.  I love the love the utility of modular hex terrain, and figured I could use some new hills.

Last Saturday, I stopped by to pick up the terrain and discovered it was more than a few hills.  Pictured above are the roughly six boxes worth of terrain he handed me.  It includes all the major components, and hundreds of sub-components.  I am still trying to inventory it all.

The first priority was to address storage.  One of the common issues with Geo-hex is the difficulty in keeping the hexes from coming apart during gameplay.  My existing game table has a hallow interior that hides the sand table I use for making up terrain.  It is a custom 4'x6' box which means it should fits a base layer of hexes perfectly and provide a frame to keep them together.

So out with the sand...  

Time for the broom...

and the vacuum....

And in with the hexes...

Many of the pieces are double sided with roads painted on one side.  Taking Kevin's advice, however, I am going to set up the terrain on the tabletop and then cover the entire thing with a gaming mat to keep the hills from sliding apart.

First up, I want to try my terrain board for Hoover's Gap.  I added a second layer of hexes with some hill pieces to create the creek and river valleys.  Layer three incorporates the major hills from the scenario map.

Next up comes the new Strategem neoprene game mat.  I found it followed the contours well and softened the edges.

Next up, some trees, roads and the river.  The Creek is really too wide and makes it look more significant than it really was.  I am looking forward to getting the 1/2 river set and some more roads now that the Wizard Kraft kickstarter is complete. 
Terrain board from the "South"

Terrain Board from the "North"
Best of all, I can still store it out of site until I am ready for the re-fight.

Of course, I still need to deal with the problem of inventory and storage the boxes of unused terrain.


  1. You lucky devil! At least I will occasionally get to push troops among your hills and dales.

    1. There is plenty to share here. Let me know what you want.

  2. I have a pretty extensive collection of Geohex, albeit one that suffered considerable damage from feline claws back when we had 2 cats (against my own wishes, I must add - I love dogs but I am NOT a cat person). Some day I will have to repair more of the damage done, but if you have cats do NOT allow them access to this stuff - they love it... but you won't love them afterwards!

    I just set it up as in your second picture, and never cover it. It looks great setting up a whole table, but boy is it time consuming. Thus I usually use it to construct hills on top of my ground cloth - the felt holds it in place pretty well. DO you have corner locks for the Geohex? They help a lot. The rigid frame around your table is ideal for Geohex as well. I store my Geohex sorted by shapes - 1's and 2's in one set of drawers from and old dresser, 3's in another, 4's in another, and 5's in yet another drawer. The full hexes and 6's (with just a small bite out of one side; the numbers refer to the number of hexagon vertices the piece incorporates).

    BTW, did you know that GeoHex is in fact back in production now?

    1. I was looking at doing something similar for storage. I was unaware it was back in production, though I don't think I will be needing to order any time soon. I did not receive any terrain locks with the pieces, although I like the look a little more with the mat overlay, so no big deal. The modularity is awesome.

  3. BTW, an exceptionally generous gift by Kevin, a tip of the bicorn to him. Even back in the day that would have been several hundred dollars worth of terrain!

    1. Very generous gift, indeed! Kevin is a generous fellow. He has been known to pick up the dinner tab too!

  4. Fitting use for the word "hallow" ;)
    Great set!

    1. We will call it intentional rather than an inability to spell properly. That is why I specialized in Physics. Fewer words


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