and Iran, Iran so far away....

I was editing my pictures, when I came across these.  I finished painting up a collection of extra micro armor models as Iranians in order to try some Iran-Iraq war scenarios.  I went with a simple Tan and brown camouflage scheme I saw in some pictures from an Iranian parade to help distinguish them from my Tan Iraqi vehicles. The Iranian army makes for an interesting mix of vehicles as they were a western client state in the 70s, followed by purchasing a lot of Chinese and Soviet hardware during the war.

I think these are H&R castings for two Recoil-less Rifles and two Jeeps for recon work.

A troop of Chieftains.  

A pair of M163 VADS for some SHORAD work and some Mortar carriers.

Some M60s (various manufacturers) and an M577 to use with a BN HQ.

More H&S(?) Pattons?

A few PT-76s.

Some Shilkas to work with the M163s.

Some actual newer sculpts.  These are rocket carriers from the "Third World" line from GHQ.

T-55s (or skirtless Type 59s)

A mix of BMP-2s.  I think the majority of these are actually CinC BRM models,

A supply of BMP-1s/WZ-501s to add some punch to the infantry.

One last group shot to show off the group.  I definately need to re-take these with a better camera.


  1. You are dating yourself with the FoS reference! Nice collection of Iranian armor. Are these modern collections planning on a return to the gaming table?

    1. They are for the Iran-Iraq war, so I thought it was period appropriate. I still do some solo gaming with moderns as I am still tweaking my "BCT" rules to get something workable.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I have a low pressure air compressor that I have been playing with. I did the stripes last year, I just got around to doing some finishing work.


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