2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment

Not a new project, but rather an old one I wanted to add to the site.  This is a platoon-scale representation of the US Army's 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment painted and based for Modern Spearhead.  I originally started this collection in December of 2009 when I found a game shop that still sold Microarmor in Radcliffe, KY right outside the south gate to Fort Knox.  I found a GHQ boxed set of Strykers on the shelf and proceeded to pick up some blisters to fill out the group.

This group was also represents my first attempt at using a tinted primer and acrylic varnish "dip"  I had recently ended my tour as a Cavalry Troop commander, so I decided to piece together the 2nd SCR as my selected force.  (This was before the 3rd ACR went Stryker as well.)  I always liked the "Dragoons" and have been interested in their transition to light cavalry following the 1st Gulf War. Back in 1994 they were slotted to field the M8 Armored Gun System, until congress realized it was a "light tank" and killed the program.  I believe the configuration has changed again since I painted this group with the inclusion of MGS in the Anti-Tank company, more Engineers, and more towed guns, and replacing the M198s with M777s.  Also, the 2nd SCR is slotted to receive upgunned M1126s with 30mm cannon replacing the 12.7mm cannons.

Anyway here is the group. The scale is roughly 1 model = 1 platoon of 4 Strykers.

4th Squadron "Saber" (reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition squadron)
Headquarters Stand
Nemesis Troop – 2 M1127 (RV)
Outlaw Troop – 2 M1127(RV)
Palehorse Troop – 2 M1127(RV)
Mortars -2 M1129 (Mortar Carrier)  (Each troop has 2 120mm mortars, so I represent the six tubes with 2 stands )
Reaper Troop – 2 M1134 ATGM (I may need to add 1 M1128 MGS to keep them current)

Regimental Engineer Squadron "Pioneers"  3xM1132 Engineer Vehicles

Regimental Fires Squadron "Artillery Hell"  3x M198 with prime movers

Close up of engineers Argonaut and Beast) and artillery (Archer, Bulldog,Cobra) 
1st Squadron "War Eagles"
Headquarters "Mustang" Troop 1xM1130 (CMD), 2 xM1129 (MC), 1x M1127 (RV)
Apache Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128
Bull Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128
Comanche Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128
2nd Squadron "Cougars"
Headquarters "Headhunter" Troop 1xM1130 (CMD), 2 xM1129 (MC), 1x M1127 (RV)
Eagle Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128
Fox Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128
Ghost Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128

3rd Squadron "Wolfpack" is still incomplete and requires a little love to get it up to the standard of the rest of the group.
It has
Headquarters "Hammer" Troop 1xM1130 (CMD), 2 xM1129 (MC), 1x M1127 (RV)
Iron Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128
Kilo Troop – 3x M1126, 1xM1128

Lightning Troop is apparently sliced to support another unit....

Expect to see some more updates like this over the coming weeks. This blog is basically my diary, and I am trying to upload all the parts of my collection I intend on keeping as I sort through through and cull the herd.

Be warned, this also means a swarm of Science Fiction posts as I went through a pretty hefty Battletech and Babylon 5 Fleet Action phase back in the early 2000's.


  1. Always interested to see what is lurking in people's collections, and of course I have inflicted plenty of posts of my old stuff on my blog readers, too!

  2. Very impressive, so many beautiful vehicles!


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