10mm ACW - Men of Iron

With the next Secret Santa looming on the horizon, I thought it best to actually finishing painting the figures I received last year.  Ordinarily, I try to get gift minis to the front of the line as it seems respectful.  This year, however, I was stymied by the lead pile itself.  My benefactor provided me with a pack of Iron Brigade from the GHQ 10mm line.  Alas, I had no other figures, and I need at least 2 packs to do a regiment properly.  (especially for Union regiments as they need both a regimental and national flag.)

I was reminded of this pack last month during Jon's excellent Brawner's Farm game, as I took command of Gibbon's Brigade for the game.  After chastising myself for my oversight, I secured enough additional figures to complete the 6th and 7th WI regiments.  (The regimental flags are "impressionist" renditions of the actual flags, but look good from 3' away.)

Invariably I will need to paint at least two more regiments to complete the Brigade, but for now these guys will have to do.  My primary interest remains with the Western Theater, but a dalliance with the East is not a bad thing I suppose.  


  1. Excellent! I really like how you have rendered the flags.
    Looking forward to a Brawner's Farm rematch in two weeks.

    1. Thanks, I've come to prefer these banners over paper at this scale. The impressionist look works well at this scale where paper flags tend to look stiff and artificial. (At least for me)
      I am looking forward to the re-match as well.

  2. Nice pair of regiments from this most famous of ACW Brigades!


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