End of Summer review

I have been fairly low on my normal output this summer, so I opted to roll the " six month review" back a few months to capture my status after the typical summer craziness had subsided. So where I am with my goals?

My overall goals:

1. Complete castings for the following ERAs.

6mm Fantasy - No forward momentum since April
6mm Moderns - I am almost done with the Toyota technicals.
6mm WWII - 30 tanks nearly done.
6mm Napoleonics - Those Saxons still have not painted themselves.
6mm WOTR - Feeling a little depressed
6mm Terrain - This is getting ugly....
28mm WWII - I have two teams of LMGs to finally bring the US Paratroopers up to the Chain of Command MTOE
28mm Han/Qin Chinese - I think I have two units of Cavlary left...
28mm Fantasy -
20mm WWII - Just a few models left for the germans
10mm ACW - All done save for some seige guns and command stands.
15mm Sanurai - Umm no.
1/6000 Naval -Started to lean towards "selling" now

2. Eliminate the following:

6mm WWII - I have at least inventoried the excess and put them out on line.
6mm Moderns - See above
6mm SciFi- IBattletech blisters up on line.
20mm War in the Pacific -Two under-strength USMC and Japanese units need to go.
15mm Romans and their enemies -I am still  sprucing up the painted figs before posting them up for grabs.
15mm Fantasy -need to the more massive Dwarf and Undead contingents on line.
15mm Early Renaissance and late Middle Ages - Lots of unpainted lead here from numerous manufacturers. I already have sufficient stocks in 28mm and 6mm, they are now redundant.
15mm Colonial French and British -10 years on and I still haven't gotten to these. Time to go.
15mm ACW - Only a few infantry regiments left.  I have a pile of artillery and gunners that desperately need sorting.
15mm ACW terrain - Too big for 10mm, to small for the 28mm skirmish. Time to make some room for the rest of the collection.
15mm Napoleonic - No changes
28mm Fantasy -No changes.
15mm War of 1812 Americans - So much to sort out with these.

What's on the desk for the near future

1. 28mm Cold War - Just a few left to finish
2. 28mm Renaissance - Pike regiment and supporting Handgunners
3. 6mm Saxons 
4. 10mm Artillery
5.  28mm Korean Garrison Infantry
6.  Terrain


  1. I'd say you have made solid progress in the big picture!

  2. You've pretty much painted an army over the summer with your Chinese so don't be hard on yourself, but that is a pretty impressive back log!


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