Armageddon 84 -The Russians

Hot on the heels of their American Counterparts are some Soviet Troopers in Chemical PPE.  Eureka has a much larger line of Russians in chemical suits that really look dynamic.  (The US set is basically the same 12 figures done with and without helmets)  I picked up 24 total figures including some specialists.   There are three different RPG-7 and RPK gunner models as well as a 81mm Mortar and 12.7mm HMG team.  Strangely their is no SA-7 to complement the US Stinger model.    In fact you get almost everything you could want with this collection.  (I wouldn't mind an AGS-17 team)

For paint scheme, I used "Tunic Green" from the AP Saga paint set for the rubberized suits and then gloves, masks and overshoes in AP Grey-Green from the FOW US paint set.    I went with the same sparse rubble basing to tie them together with the US squad.  I envision them duking it out over the remains of a blasted West German village or small city.

End state for this little sideline project is going to be roughly one motorized rifle platoon for the Soviets and a couple of squads for the US.  I am hoping to pick up a 28mm BTR-60 and/or BMP-1 to round out the group.  For the US, perhaps an M113 and/or some M151 jeeps.  Does anyone know any good sources?