Traveling paint kits

Summer life has done its best to reduce my hobby output to almost nil this month.  I have done some work travel which provided the opportunity for some travel painting.  I am a bit of a nerd (surprise!), so I tend to use my evening time in the hotel to do some painting.  This month I decided to upgrade my kit with a plastic tote I found for 60% at target.  (Seen above).  It comes with three plastic layers, two smaller open bins, and the top has an internal divider.  I opted to just use the top bin for carrying paints, and a second layer to hold brushes and minis.

I use the cardboard clamshell box and the smaller tackly box to carry the 6mm minis I want to paint.  In this case, it is the 10mm Confederate Cavalry and Infantry I have left to complete my 10mm ACW conversion.

For my old kit I used just two of the tackle boxes shown for minis and brushes and then stored my paints in container my Saga paint set came in

I fits neatly inside my rucksack.  Most hotels I find are kind enough to supply me with a copy of USA Today to cover my work station, a plastic cup to rinse my brushes and even a coffee filter to use as a palette.


  1. Hey! That looks just like the one I picked up for travel painting. Unfortunately, my most recent week away, I was not able to bring even a painting kit. I like the three stacking and locking tiers. Most handy. My problem now is that I must carefully select the bottles of Ceramcoat paints to take. Space is limited.

    Evening painting session in a hotel doe not sound so nerdy to me!

  2. I usually use one of my 8.1 L Really useful Boxes; it will fit the paints, brushes (etc) and figures I need in it for any reasonable stay. I often paint in the AM or evening when we are in Ithaca visiting my daughter, as I go to bed considerably later than my wife and daughter. I have done last minute painting, basing, flocking and so on in my hotel room more than once when attending Historicon. If I attend a medical conference, I often paint in the evening and at lunch; I have done this twice while attending the Temple Primary care review... both held at the Lancaster Host, site of so many past HMGS conventions.


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