Dwarf in a bunny suit....

I found this figure while sorting through my bits bin.  He was a figure produced back in the late 90's by sculpter Jason Weibe in support of his "Dirty Dwarf" indie comic.  I didn't remember all the details,  but I could not resist finally putting paint to it.  I think the dog is also one of Jason's sculpts, however both figures were loose in the bin.  I decided the dog should be named Winston....  I also found the torso for his "Gorilla Bob" miniature, but cannot find the right arm.  This was a sculpt of the mascot for the now defunct "Gorilla Bob's Adventure Outpost" store that used to cell comics and games on the north side of Spokane.  It is basically an anthropomorphic Gorilla with a hat and Hawaiian shirt with a shotgun.  

I opted to go with a pink bunny suit as it seemed to be the obvious choice.  

A few weeks after painting it, however, I found this in a box in the garage.  My apologies for getting both the hair and the suit color incorrect....

I also found this GW swashbuckler and figured I would finish him off as well.  Just a little blast from the past.


  1. I think you made the right (appropriately ridiculous looking) choice with the pink suit, myself.
    I Like "Winston", too. "We have nothing to fear except Beer itself!"
    Finally the last figure could easily buckle down to some Great Italian Wars swishing...


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