Going to polar opposite of painting challenge from the Samurai, I did a small unit of Perry Ninja.  (I recognize these are actually well armed theater grips and backstage workers, but I like the 'traditional' Ninja look. ) Rather than go with plain black, I opted to add some other colors to emphasize the details on the figures 

These were painted with a black base coat, with heavy dry-brush using German Grey-Black.  I mixed metallic base in with a gloss black to do the weapons.  These are nicely sculpted figures, although the crawling/climbing guy is a little too specialized for my needs.  He came with his left hand as a separate fist, which promptly rolled into the carpet.  I am sure I will need to find a suitable replacement.  I am thinking I will use the Ninja master I finished this morning:

I am really quite proud of how he turned out....


  1. Excellent work on the Master! He is either so cleverly disguised as a flowering tree or invisible! I like your renderings of the Ninja that can be seen too.

  2. Hahaha, love the last photo!


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