More doors

Where it began so many years ago...

More woodworking in support of my hobbies!  I have been practicing on the whole cabinet door construction thing, and flow of orderliness continues.  

First up are the terrain storage shelves underneath the table.  It is hard to make these display worthy, so behind cover they go!



Next up the storage area for my basing supplies.  This brings the whole shelving unit to completion.

Another start point

and done.  Note the messy creep of the painting station.

The next project to tackle here will be some sliding doors for the side cabinets.  Eventually I will at least have all the clutter behind doors.


  1. Nice! I hardly recognize the room.

  2. Excellent, Jake. Although I assisted my dad with many carpentry projects around our house growing up (he was a mechanical engineer, and loved doing that kind of thing), I have to say that I hated every minute of it, so doing that my self is truly akin to entering Mordor from my perspective!

    1. Just like everything else in the hobby, tastes change with time. I had very similar experiences with my dad. However, I find the entire process relaxing and challenging. Perhaps its the engineering side.

  3. I've started a table project -

    1. Your message was caught by the spam filter. I am interested in your project. What is your overall design plan?


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