I finally got around to adding some more Sohei to my Samurai Skirmish force.  These are a bunch of Perry Sohei castings to go along with the six I received for Secret Santa 2014.  I opted to split the robed figures off to make the two units easy to distinguish.  I have plussed up the units to 12 figures each to make them compatible with Lion Rampant.  I have been playing Lion Rampant with units of 8 figures each, but thought I should expand as I really like the look of the units.

I have always liked the Sohei both for their interesting look as well as their dedication to the Naginata.  It is a nasty looking weapon, and could be devastating in the right hands.

These guys fairly complete the Uesegi side of my skirmish collection , although some Sohei Teppo gunners would look nice as well....


  1. Great additions! All of the figures show such a stylish sense of motion. Very nice, indeed!

    1. Thanks. I really like these Perry sculpts. A few more poses would not go amiss however.

  2. Wonderfull painted figures! Like them a lot!


  3. Lovely minis and lovely colors!


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