Qin-tuple set of heavy infantry

Remember when I said I had finished the heavy infantry?  I lied.  I discovered I had enough left to finish another stand of Spear armed troops.  As you can see, I also addressed the basing issues for these guys.

I tried different approaches to basing these guys, and this is the one that seemed to work best.  The Impetus list I have seen for this period still lists the infantry as all CL, but that doesn't seem to fit with the the heavily armored warriors depicted.  For the spear armed infantry I went with a dense Phalanx with some open space in front of the base label.  In the short term, I can fill that space with a leader stand, if necessary.  Eventually I may add some more figures to the stand to fill in the open space.  (If I ever get any more of these figures)

At least this way I can reflect my leader minis in basic Impetus.

Both Spear stands.

For the halberd-ax armed units I went with a more open formation that filled the stand.

and of course, a class photo

 For the heavy crossbow, I tried to add in some of the Shield Bearer minis to create an interesting block.  I still don't have any rules to reflect this, but I suppose that can wait until I have enough painted stands to play.  At this point I need to build at least one more stand of Crossbows for symmetry.


  1. Looks good!
    "Now to figure out what to DO with them!" :-)

    1. This is a long haul project. I plan to expand it slowly until I have enough figs for a pair of 300-500pt Impetus armies.

  2. Great work, always good to see a different army.

    And thanks for the podcast post - having never heard of Hardcore History I've now got through about 8 hours worth in four days!

    1. Thanks. I originally started the guys based on that unique property.

      Glad you are enjoying Dan Carlin. He has a melodramatic intensity that makes it really engaging. I am currently listening to "The 10,000" from History on Fire. He acknowledges that Carlin is his inspiration and the story structure is similar. The think Italian accent makes it an enjoyable listen.


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