Qin light cavalry

Back to ancient China!

This time it is my first CL stand using the Watchful I Studio light cavalry pieces.  These figures come with 1 torso type, three different heads and an option for Spears, Bows or Crossbows.  In addition you get a Standard bearer arm, Scabbards and Bow and Quill pouches to attach to the horse.  I opted to configure these as mounted crossbowmen, as it seemed to be the most unique for the time period.

I chose to leave off the Quill/Bow Holder attachments on my first set, as I am still working on how I want to mount them.  The pieces are flat sided, so they will need to be pinned to the horse casting, and there is no contour to follow.  As with the heavy cavalry, the hooves needed to be drilled and pinned for mounting.

I have enough to do one additional CL stand each of spearmen and archers.  Though I will add the bows and quivers to both in order to make them dual-use  (or duel-use I suppose)


  1. Very good progress on this project! You know, the horse pose reminds me of the horse adorning the entrance to P.F. Chang.

    1. Probably not a coincidence, Watchful I's collection are based on the terracotta soldiers. (Thus their more statuesque appearance I assume.)

  2. Very nice, they look great!


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