Qin Heavy Cavalry II

My other CM stand of Qin Cavalry joins the main force.  I included a standard bearer with this one in order to get some flair in with the group.  I have maintained the use of black lacquered armor for all of my heavy "state' troops to give them that ominous uniform Juggernaut look.  The light infantry and light cavalry are where I will add in the color to the group.

As always my only struggle was with the assembly of these guys.  It took the better part of an evening and some Hard Cider to assemble all of the minis for the set in one go, and now I am working my way through painting the batch.  I am hoping to get the entire collection done by the end of the month.  .

 The two leftover heavy figures have already started the process of becoming a general and his escort for a future update.  (You get multiple heads and arms with the General figure, which allows for some creative swapping to make a few more character models)


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