1st Quarter Review

The battle continues.  We are now half way through April, so I suppose it is time to review the first quarter and evaluate my project status.  

My overall goals:

1.  Complete castings for the following ERAs.
  • 6mm Fantasy - Only a few minis completed.  Perhaps 30-40 left to complete.  I have several on the desk currently.
  • 6mm Moderns  - Not even touched yet.
  • 6mm WWII - No progress
  • 6mm Napoleonics - Those Saxons have not painted themselves.   
  • 6mm WOTR - Feeling a little depressed
  • 6mm Terrain  - This is getting ugly....  
  • 28mm WWII - W00t!!!  I accomplished something.
  • 28mm Han/Qin Chinese - They are about 50% complete as these are my current focus.
  • 28mm Fantasy -  Working on some old Empire figures to serve in my Italian Wars army
  • 20mm WWII - Completed my US Paratrooper, Panzergrenadier, and Wehrmacht platoons.
  • 10mm ACW - Primed and waiting their turn.
  • 15mm Sanurai -  Nope..
  • 1/6000 Naval -Started to lean towards "selling" now
Base coating on the Han infantry is now complete.  The clutter is still unabated however...

2.  Eliminate the following:

  • 6mm WWII - A lot of excess GHQ castings of bits and bobs to eliminate.
  • 6mm Moderns - Get rid of the excess of BMP-3s, T-80s and other unpainted models that are excess to my needs.  I should probably try to capitalize on the sudden interest in "Cold War Gone Hot" stemming from Team Yankee...
  • 6mm SciFi- I have more than enough painted Battlemechs, the rest need to go.  
  • 20mm War in the Pacific  -Two under-strength USMC and Japanese units need to go.
  • 15mm Romans and their enemies  -I am currently sprucing up the painted figs before posting them up for grabs.
  • 15mm Fantasy -Elves and Orks are finally gone.  Next up are the more massive Dwarf and Undead contingents.
  • 15mm Early Renaissance and late Middle Ages - Lots of unpainted lead here from numerous manufacturers.  I already have sufficient stocks in 28mm and 6mm, they are now redundant.
  • 15mm Colonial French and British -10 years on and I still haven't gotten to these.  Time to go. 
  • 15mm ACW - The confederate infantry and seige guns are finally away. I have a pile of artillery and gunners that desperately need sorting.     
  • 15mm ACW terrain - Too big for 10mm, to small for the 28mm skirmish.  Time to make some room for the rest of the collection. 
  • 15mm Napoleonic - I have several French and British units languishing away.  My 6mm collection more than fits my needs.
  • 28mm Fantasy -Lots of old GW lead needs to find a new home.  
  • 15mm War of 1812 Americans  - I have decided to sell these off as well.  I have too much unpainted minifig stuff to do, and I would rather re-engage with both US and British at 10mm and paint a unified collection.  

Trying to figure out the basins for these guys now.

I have also broken my no purchases until June rule....  It was not my fault!  I didn't know the Korea trip was going to happen then!  (Last minute tasking...)  Can't you see?  I NEEDED the figures for the Imjin war!  Yeah, I know, wargamers are incorrigible.  At least it sponges up enough spare funds that you can't afford any more hazardous hobbies...

What's on the desk for the near future

1.  Watchful I Studios Qin Chinese - I have about 40 infantry, 9 cavalry and 3 leader stands left to complete.
2.  Castinghouse Han Chinese - 9 Light Cavalry
3.  Foundry Renaissance - 8 Handguns and 24 Pikes
4.  15mm Romans - Finish repairs
5.  6mm -Various casualties near completion
6.  15mm Dwarf adn Undead Fantasy  -Getting the last ones done, so I can put them on the block.


  1. Your forthrightness on your painting status is commendable. Seems a number of interesting and useful pieces have crossed your painting desk in first quarter despite not meeting your expectations.

    As for "No Figure Purchase" rule, well, some rules are MEANT to be broken!

    Looking forward to more output in your Renaissance project.

    Ending on a positive note, two FtF games in April is a BIG bonus!

    1. The games were definitely the high point, and have renewed my enthusiasm for Impetus. I am interested in trying some of the modifications in our normal Impetus game. I should have my Jinettes and Handgunners done sometime in May....

    2. I ought to get a T or two of handgunners too. Let's schedule a GIW game for May.

  2. Good progress in some areas, and... clarity in others. Noyt a bad quarter overall by any means, I'd say!

    1. I am reasonably happy, but there is always room for improvement.

  3. Good luck with the Qin. You Qin do it.
    If they were Han Chinese you woukd have to paint them Han Solo.
    Thank you, thank you. I have a book coming out of all my jokes.

    1. Yes, I find it is best to keep a stiff upper lip and take one on the Qin.


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