Getting back in the Swing of Things

After a week of acclimating to Pacific Daylight Time (I am still coming to terms with leaving Seoul at 6pm and arriving in Seattle six hours earlier...),  production has started back up on the painting table.

This time it is a unit of Qin heavy infantry with spears and shields.  These are the same models as the halberdiers I posted earlier, just with the spear arms attached.  I like the look of the shields, however the straight arm stance of the models makes the attachment look awkward from the other side.  The full helmets are actually from the Heavy Cavalry packs, but I had several left over after assembling the riders.  I think they break up the formation a little bit, and help them stand out from the halberdier unit.

Looking at the full unit, I think I need to add a shield to the Standard Bearer, and perhaps the leader as well.  I put less extra fluff on these bases, as I still need to migrate these units onto the single unit stands I normally use for Impetus.

Next up, the last of the heavy infantry I have for this project.


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