That is one side done, one left to go...

Smile for the camera boys!

The last brace of Waffen SS are now complete meaning that I have actually completed one side of my 28mm Chain of Command project.  For the last group I focused on adding some more grey uniforms to help tie the whole group together.  I coupled this with a mix of all four camouflage patterns, and am fairly happy with the results:

Warlord Leader with BTD riflemen
 I founf that mixing up the patterns also helps differentiate multiples of the same sculpt.

The last two LMG teams mean that all three basic squads are now done, and the group is list correct.

I have several options for reinforcements that I have posted previously:

Support weapons


Tank Hunters....

I suppose there is always stuff to add like

  • six infantrymen to convert them from panzergrenadiers to standard infantry (I have the proxies for this already
  • 2 lmg teams to couple with the tank hunters to make two AT teams.
  • AT Gun
  • Panzer or Stug?
All that said, I still have what I want to run some 28mm Games.  (Once I get the last bunch of US Airborne done to oppose them.)

As a complete aside, I was sorting through my storage bins and found this thing:

Technically it once held Italian and Soviet units for Spearhead.  It never occurred to me that it could interpreted otherwise....


  1. Great collection! I am looking forward to more CoC.

    1. As am I. The Airborne are almost complete. It is just down to an AT gun

  2. Great looking Germans - some how the "mix and match" camouflage patterns remimnded me of painting Landsknechts.

    I doubt Putin would find your storage box amusing... but I sure did!

    1. I had similar thoughts while painting them. I just primed some more hangunners to add to the painting pile.

  3. Very nicely done. Great looking camo.

  4. Splendid poses and paint jobs!


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