Prepping the Orcs for retirement.....

I have decided to divest myself of my 15mm Fantasy collection, which means I need to clean them up and finish the partially painted stuff.  I already have fantasy figures in 28mm for skirmishing and 6mm for mass battles, so the 15mm figures are just occupying space and creating a need for an additional set of terrain.  I originally picked these up for some Halloween games with my son, but as he has gotten older they no longer see any use.  Thus, under the 2015 "Paint or Die!" initiative it is time for them to go.

Part of prepping them has been getting the partially painted figures completed, thus these guys have joined the horde

They were originally leftovers after I completed four standard units of 4 stands each

I also took the opportunity to finish basing some other fellows including my Goblin foot units

as well as these Trolls?  Black Orcs?  whatever these guys are:

One of my frustration with this project has been the wide diversity of figure sizes.  My 15mm Dwarf army, for example has a massive disparity between the Reaper Dwarfs:

Shown here with 2 20mm German Infantry!
and the 15mm figures produced by Peter Pig
more like Gnomes, I guess

Here, however I have managed to use it to my advantage

The smaller orcs are ready made goblins for the two larger castings.  

Overall, it is that warm fuzzy feelig that comes with finally finishing another project.  Just in time to get rid of them......


  1. Well at least if they're done and you sell them off, you won't be tempted to add to them!

    1. That's the goal. I really want to divest myself of as many different scales as possible. Long term I want to nothing but 6mm and 28mm, with some limited 10s. If nothing else limit. Myself to two scales per era.

    2. What is to become of your 15mm Samurai Battles collection?

  2. Lovely army. I hope you get a good buyer!


    1. Thanks, I'm just excited to actually start clearing space.

  3. Best wishes in jettisoning these guys.


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