Battleground Modern -For those who still play.

Grainy shot of a UN Peacekeeper in action.
My recent foray into testing Chain of Command vs. Battleground WWII had be going through old files.  I did a set of updates I called Battleground:  New World Order to reflect games set in the late 90's.  (I used these for a British Peacekeeper in the former Yugoslavia game at Game Faire one year.) I also used them for some 1973 AIW scenarios using my old Foundry 1/72 Egyptian and Israeli Infantry figures.

The idea was just to update the existing rules to reflect modern weapons and conditions that may present in the post 1945 period


Assault Rifles:  
  • ROF: 2 (semi)/ 3 (full)
  • Jam: 20/19
Special Modifiers
FN-FAL/AK-47: ROF 2/3 Jam (20)  -1 to effect roll
M-16 (original only) Jam 19/18
M-16A2/M-4 ROF 2  Range +2”
M-14/SLR/G3/SKS/SA80  ROF 2

Grenade Launchers
  •  ROF 1
  • JAM 18
Range  To Hit
2"- 8"     12
8"-16"     8
16"-30"   6

  • ROF ½  (1 action to load, 1 to fire)
  • JAM 18
2"- 8"  12
8"-16"  8
16"-30"  6

Tear Gas : 
Treat as Smoke.  Unprotected models in cloud affect must roll 1/2 Skill Check or be incapacitated for d6 rounds.
HE - Small Blast Template
APERS- Small Blast Template, +2 effect, no armor penetration.

Anti-Tank Weapons

RPG-7: Treat as Panzerfaust 60 (Small Blast Template)
LAW: Treat as Panzerfaust 100 (No blast template)

(These are just approximations, remember that they use Heat rounds,so the rules for using them against buildings, etc are already in themain rule book.)

AT-2 Sagger. 
  • Man-Portable, 
  • Takes 3 Actions to Set-up. 
  • Travels 20" per action. 

*I am still working on stats for Wire Guided missiles, I want to incorporate some way to represent that the targeted vehicle would have a chance to spot the missile and suppress the gunner. (AKA
"Sagger Watch/Dance" for you fellow DATs)

Other Equipment:

Body Armor: +2 vs. Blast Effects, +1 vs. Small Arms (not MGs)  (This is PASGT/Kevlar.  SAPI plates weren't really a thing yet)


  • Tear Gas: 
    • Treat as Smoke, 
    • unprotected models make 1/2 skill check or incapacitated for d6 rounds. 
    • Models w/masks (off) make skill check or incapacitated. 
    • Models w/masks (on) no effects.
  • Lethal Agents: 
    • Treat as Smoke for rounds. 
    • Unprotected models in blast template Gory Death (forces Morale check for protected models in LOS)
    • Models w/masks (off) make 1/2 skill check or KIA  
    • Models w/masks (on) no effects. 
    • Non persistent agents dissipate as smoke. 
    • Persistent agents last for duration of game. (Spotting rules?)
  • All models w/in sight of Chemical victim must take an immediate Morale Check. 
  • Models must pass GUT check to cross contaminated area.

Affects of MOPP:

  • Chemical Protective Suit: -1" move per action.
  • Mask: +2 Spotting, +2 to hit.
  • LTW counts as HW/KIA in contaminated areas.
  • +2 on all Skill Checks for Mask or suit / +3 with full MOPP

  • Radiation: Not dealt with in the game, but models must fight in MOPP4

Here is the scenario write-up for those who read such things.  I only have the British Side so far.  Originally I ran the Insurgents as a DM controlled force using small units and blind markers for the NATO players to action on.  (Similar to Vietnam skirmish game called Where's Charlie)  

British Orders
Separatist Leader
Date: September 7th, 199?

Time: 0600

Location: Banja Aswpe, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Lakvwlyia.

Conditions: It is raining (spotting +2)

Background: (Hypothetical) Ethnic Serbs and Lakvwlian separatists have been fighting in and around the UN safe haven at Banja Aswpe for the last six months. 3 days ago, an Artillery round struck the Medical Center Cafeteria killing 27 people including 5 UN relief works and 2 Belgian Doctors. In response, the UN passed a resolution demanding that all belligerent forces withdraw outside a 15 mile Zone of Separation or face NATO Air Strikes. Most of the known units have now been withdrawn, but intelligence sources suspect that several Heavy Weapons may still be concealed on Mount Kopje, covering the main UN supply route for the city.

Orders: Perform a sweep of the Heights west of SR approaches to Mount Kopje

Game Length: 15 turns

Forces Available

2nd Platoon , C-Company , 4th Royal Welch Fusiliers (Veterans)

The Unit is deployed into 3 teams each with:
  • 1 Team Leader w/Radio and SA-80 (AR) 
  • 2 LSW (LMG)
  • 1 Riflemen LAW-80 and SA-80
  • 2 Riflemen w/SA-80
    • All troops carry 2 Fragmentation Grenades and wear Flak Vests. Team leaders have 2 smoke grenades.
1 Scimitar Light tank with Regular Crew

1 Special Forces COLT Team (Elite)

  • 1-Team Leader w/M203 and Radio
  • 1-M60E LMG
  • 1-Sniper
    • Each trooper carries 2 Fragmentation Grenades and 1 Smoke Grenade.

Air or Artillery support:

105mm Artillery:
Contact 14, Availability 12
Air Support (Not available until Rain lets up): Contact 12, Availability 10

Victory Conditions:
+20 Each Heavy Weapon destroyed/Captured
+15 Each cache destroyed
+10 Insurgent Leader Captured
+5 Each Insurgent Captured
+2 Each Insurgent Killed
-3 Each UN killed
-5 Each UN captured
-10/-15 Each fire mission or air strike called
-3 Each civilian killed by UN
-5 Each casualty abandoned
-3 Each casualty from friendly fire
-15 Friendly AFV or Aircraft Destroyed


  1. Very cool figures. I was just watching an old special on the Vietnam War and mused some scenarios.

    1. Thanks. I have these figures in the slated for 'restoration' this year as they are long neglected. I think they are FAA Modern Brits and Iraqis, maybe SHQ.

  2. Thanks for the scenario briefing- it's certainly appreciated by me.



    1. Thanks. I just wish I could find my GM notes for the the opposition side. I found my Golan 73 scenario, so I will post it as well.

  3. Interesting, if WAY out of my periods!

    1. I haven't played this period for quite some time. After 9/11 and two tours inm Iraq, it seems like ancient history.


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