6mm Fantasy and Man O' War

 Yes, I still paint 6mm from time to time!  This time, I opted to tackle some more figs that have been in the unpainted collection for over over 20 years.  First up is a Man O' War Dark elf on Manticore.  This guys will join the army of darkness at is develops over time.  At last they will have a means to counter all the Eagles and Griffons.

My favorite Dwarf slayer and a WIP Angron for scale.

I also managed to finish off some long neglected Sea Monsters for Man O' War.  These include

Sea Serpent...of course

Megladon for fighting all those Giant Octopus  or a Sharktapus  or Sharknadoes

A giant crab.....

ummm.... ROW!
Anyway, just another flight of fancy, but bits bins are being whittled down.


  1. Love them all, Jake! The Manticore is my favorite, though.

    1. I am happy with how he turned out. I really need to clean up the rest of the collection (Water Elemental, Triton, sea dragon, etc.)

  2. I am so jealous of the crab. I love crustacean miniatures.


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