20mm WWII Wehrmacht Infantry

Following quickly on the heels of rehabilitation of tm my 20mm US Airborne and German Panzergrenadier platoons, I have turned my brush and basing materials on my regular German infantry.

These guys are some of the first models I did when I got into 20mm gaming, so they were looking rather rough.  I opted to remove them from their steel washers and pennies and upgrade to 20mm wooden disks.  I gave them all a wash with W&N Peat ink, and then went back over the highlights to give them all the same general tones.

I was able to cobble together enough figures to do 2 Squads, a PL, Panzershrek team, MMG and a Forward Observer.  I had enough leftover unpainted figures to complete the 3rd squad to make them Chain of Command ready.
PL and AT team

1st Squad

2nd Squad

I have enough 1/72 plastic armor to make these guys a pretty reliable force in Chain of Command, although I will need to do a lot of work on the Panzers to bring them up to snuff.  Once the last of the infantry is complete, I will tackle the biggest chunk of this project: The British Paras.

Here is the ubiquitous 'before' shots


  1. You are making me wish I still had my 20mm WWII collection.

    1. Don't go down this road! I just painted 2 28mm Platoons just to match your CoC collections. That said, I am on the fence about divesting the 20mm figs altogether. Part of me wants to purge scales.


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