Studies in Camouflage -World War Edition

I chose to build a Waffen SS Panzergrenadier Platoon to oppose my US Airborne 28mm Project.  I have been interested in trying difference camouflage patterns of late, and they seemed like a good fit.  These guys were my last purchase for 2015 and my desire to revamp my 20mm Platoon seemed like a  good impetus to get started.  (It worked for the Airborne)  

I plan to go a nice mix of camo patterns for this unit, perhaps a bit or artistic licence, but that is the point.  For the first batch I used Warlord Games Painting Waffen-SS Plane Tree Camouflage guide, and decided on a mix of Spring and Autumn patterns.  
SMG and Rifleman

I mixed in the odd Feldgrau Jacket and pants, and lightened them up with ash grey and glue-green to five them a washed out tone.  

LMG team

The pattern itself is fun to do, as it really does not come into its own until you add the final light dots on the dark patches.
Senior Leader
 For the marksmen figure, I opted to paint a standard splinter camo scheme on his Zeltbahn.  It turned out fairly well, and makes for an interesting mix with three separate patterns.

I am tackling the same pattern in 20mm next, followed by the more contemporary Oak leaf pattern for the following batch.


  1. Nice job, love the Senior Leader...

    1. Thanks. I like the way he turned out.

  2. Very well done, although as the son of a WW2 veteran, I still find the SS hard to stomach!

    1. I agree Completely, I have some trepidation painting these guys as I find them historically reprehensible. Yet, I have painted huns, mongels, and Assyrians. I guess time is the great seperater.


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