Studies in Camouflage -Reinforcements

Warlord Medic
 With my favored patterns picked out, I proceed on this project in earnest.  The rest of my backordered figs from Black Tree finally arrived, and I found this pack of Warlord Games Heer Command figures I picked up in Spokane last month.
Senior Leader for the Platoon
 I opted to continue with a mix of Spring and Autumn patterns, but tried to stay constant, for the most part, on the individual figs.
MMG Team
 I've got enough figs done now to field two complete squads plus some add-ons for Chain of Command.
Heer radio operator playing the part of the FO

Second AT Team
 I picked up a pack of Tank hunters to use as a Panzerknacker team, but will need to pick up some more MG42 teams to flesh them out.

The mortar team offered by BTD looks like a 80mm model, rather than the smaller 50mm mortars deployed on table for Chain of Command.  I will need to source the appropriate models, but this team should do for now.

Another LMG team joins the force as well as an array of BTD Waffen-SS riflemen.

Squad 1

Squad 2

That leaves a handful of riflemen and two more MG42 teams to finish off the platoon, plus some sundry riflemen to round out the MMG team.


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