Obligatory End of Year post!   So lets make it a clip show as well!

 The end of the year has come and it is time for the counting.  How does the diary look for this year?

2015 Painting Totals

1/6000 Scale US Navy - 36
10mm ACW Confederate Artillery-11
10mm ACW Confederate Cavalry and Command - 50
10mm ACW Confederate Infantry-482
10mm ACW Counters and Markers - 8
10mm ACW Union Artillery -22
10mm ACW Union Cavalry and Command -89
10mm ACW Union Infantry -514
10mm ACW Wagons and Caissons -10
20mm Moderns - 3
20mm WWII Infantry -25
28mm Arab Cavalry -6
28mm Arab Infantry -80
28mm Buildings - 7
28mm Colonial America - 2
28mm Fantasy Monsters -9
28mm Mythic Greeks -18
28mm Oldhammer Sci-Fi - 12
28mm Reconquista Spanish/Crusaders Infantry - 36
28mm Renaissance Artillery and Crew - 18
28mm Renaissance Cavalry and Mounted Leaders - 20
28mm Renaissance Infantry - 76
28mm Samurai -91
28mm Samurai Cavalry - 7
28mm SciFi Infantry -43
28mm Terrain Pieces and Accessories-110
28mm Undead Cavalry - 14
28mm Undead Infantry -41
28mm Vikings - 5
28mm WFB Bretonnian Cavalry - 34
28mm WFB Empire Infantry - 4
28mm WWII Infantry - 38
6mm Polish Infantry -114

Reconditioned Figure Totals

20mm WWII Infantry -29
15mm ACW Union Infantry -46
15mm ACW Union Cavalry - 98

As you can see 28mm has dominated beyond all comparison with 464 Foot models and 81 Cavalry for the year.  10mm was not far behind with over a 1500 castings painted.  6mm seems to be the biggest loser as only a paltry 114 figures were done for the namesake scale of this humble blog.  Obviously something must be done!

I should note that while I like using the Analog Hobbies' Painting Challenge points system.  The numbers are not really transferable between hobbyists.  Scott for example does exceptional work and his 2 point 15mm infantryman is far superior to anything I can do in any scale.  Much the same could be said for Jon and Peter's output.  Suffice to say, that I still treat my blog as an open diary and invitation to better painters to prove their superiority by posting their own work.  (That I can then shamelessly copy.)    

How does this compare to my goals for 2015?

1.  Paint commanders!  

err.  O.k. I did paint some command stands for the Renaissance project and a large number for my 10mm ACW collection.  My 20 stands of 6mm Division and Corps commanders however, was a dismal failure.  Warlord has yet to do anything Charles V and Francis I following their acquisition of Pro Gloria though.

2.  Finish existing forces (main bodies)
6mm Duchy of Warsaw mixed Corps  -W00tt!

6mm Saxons Corps - ... maybe next time...sigh

1/6000 Scale IJN Aircraft Carriers  - move along, nothing to see here.

1/6000 USN Midway Fleet - I got a lot of destroyers done.....

28mm Renaissance Cavalry (4 Stands of Heavy Cavalry, 4 stands of Lights) -

28mm Renaissance Artillery (4 more guns plus crew)
I got four cannons done with two stands....

28mm Arab Infantry  (Spearmen and Crossbowmen)  -Even got some Skirmishers done to spare!

28mm Samurai Skirmish (Enough for 2x6pt Saga Forces)  - The major change here was the shift from Saga to Lion Rampant.  I also managed to get the Cherry Trees and the Village complete as well.

3.  Terrain
6mm European Buildings - I got a few buildings done early in the year, but they were soon drowned out in a sea of 28mm!

6mm Hexes for Command and Colors Ancients - Desert
6mm Hexes for C&C Ancients - Green World  
6mm Forrest Pieces  
6mm Japanese Town hexes for Samurai Battles
6mm Casualty and Disorder  Markers for Napoleonics, Samurai Battles and Ancients
28mm Viking Buildings
28mm River tiles for the game board

28mm Japanese Village  -At last some success to report!

28mm Casualty and Disorder Markers for Renaissance and Crusader forces.

Got some Renaissance ones done I suppose.

4.  New Areas
I am thinking of doing some French and Indian War Skirmishers at some point.

Yeah, that didn't happen.  Instead I went ahead with my goal of downsizing my ACW collection and then branched out into 28mm WWII

Overall them another 80% year.  I managed to complete a large portion of my goals but with some significant stand-outs.  My biggest accomplishment was trading away my never to be completed ECW collection for the GHQ 10mm ACW figs.  This managed to reinvigorate an old interest  as well as replace a large box of unpainted lead with some nicely painted figures on the cabinet.

Speaking of which, I managed to do another cabinet pictured here in the back-left.

Jon's sojourn into WWII skirmish motivated me to clean off some dusty old figures and also attack some other outstanding lead projects.  Mason also provided the motivation to paint up some fantasy and Sci-Fi figures to also clean out the unpainted cabinet.

I never provided an update from the Halloween game, but in my own defense I was asked if we could not take pictures and "just play."  It hard to deny a request like that, so suffice to say we used every 28mm fantasy figure in the collection in an indoor/outdoor/below ground adventure that the good guys (barely) won.  I made up my own rules for Dragon Rampant on the fly, to include magic items mostly inspired by LEGO Heroica

Hades will be back for a rematch next year.
And the demigods will be ready for him

Whats my biggest hobby regret of 2015?  Not enough gaming.  So many figures done, so little time at the table.....

With that I close the book on 2015 and prepare for the obligatory 2016 Goals post.  Also, I noticed that this is officially post number 501 since I started this blog, which means, under the blogosphere social contract, that I need to organize some kind of Giveaway.


  1. An exceptional year for productivity for anyone, and many goals successfully achieved. Congratulations on an outstanding year of painting!

    Like you, I need to *use* the toys more!

    1. Thanks. It seems life reverses itself over time. When I was young I gamed often.. with unpainted lead.

  2. Jake! That is SERIOUS productivity in 2015! Such variety too. Simply amazing.

    Between the three of us (Scott, you, and I), we have a vast assortment of figures and periods ready for a game. I think we should consider a resolution of one group game per month in 2016. Venue could rotate.

    Congratulations on a very productive year for you at the painting table!

    1. Oh, a Give-away sounds like a great idea!

    2. Agreed, it is that time thing that always gets in the way.

    3. The giveaway is coming up. I need to figure how best to approach it. Deeply considering grab bags of "as much unpainted lead as I can put in a flat rate postage box"

    4. That is a good idea. One man's trash is another man's treasure...

  3. What a productive and beautiful year! Difficult to do better next time...Happy New Year

    1. Difficult, but not impossible! Thanks Phil!


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