20mm Panzergrenadiers Part II -Panzergrenadierier!

One more rehabilitation project crosses the finish line.  This time it is my 20mm Waffen SS Panzergrenadiers.  I touched up all of the paint schemes, added ink shading and replaced the metal washers with wooden disks and better basing material.

So this

becomes this.

The completed platoon +
Mixed leaders

More special weapons

The complete 'restored' group

This particular squad of soldiers was so different I decided that they needed a complete repaint to be part of the unit.

Not sure who made these

The result was a trial run of the Oak Tree pattern in 20mm for the group.

Now with actual detailing. 

Specialty figs

The remainder are primarily in my interpretation of pea dot camouflage, or at least what I thought it looked like in 1999.

With all of the unpainted lead for this project completed, I need to considering adding some figures in the long term to round out the unit.  First up will be completing the Half-Tracks and Scout vehicles to actually qualify them as Panzergrenadiers.  Following that I need 1-2 AT guns as well as some Pioneers for use in various skirmish games.

Armored transport still needs some love.

Prior to that, however, I still have a standard infantry platoon to finish, as well as the Paratroopers.  I will be back this way again, however.


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    1. It's Paint of Die in action. I am still torn between continuing in 20mm or just selling off all of my 20mm and going to 28mm. It's mostly about terrain.

  2. Nice work, Jake. Love the oak leaf pattern update.


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