Super Duper...Paratrooper...

Platoon Sergeant

Crossing the painting desk are the first few recruits for my 28mm US Airborne platoon for Chain of Command.  These are some of the BTD figs I picked up on a deep discount from their Veteran's Day sale, and they are some solid, well done minis.
Platoon Leader

To start them off, I chose to do the command group and the BAR team from 1st Squad.  I opted to try something different with the basing, so these guys were based and then gravel added prior to getting a coat of black primer.  Following each coat of brown-tones, I used the excess paint to drybrush the rocks to get a different overall feel from my usual flock-dominated basing.
Squad Leader with his BAR section

I broke out the Flames of War US Paint set I picked up on discount several years ago for these guys.  The Uniforms are all in US Tan-Earth with Grey-Green Equipment and Green-Violet Helmets.  The patches were done in Bronze Green.  For the weapons, I went a different direction and did a mix of Flat Black with VJ Metallic compound.  I think it does a good job of providing the metallic sheen without the steel tones so often seen thanks to the influence of "Bolt Gun Metal" from GW.

 A pair of snipers, or just two models for the same Sniper....

I tried something a little different and went for Stylized Unit patches and stripes for the NCOs.  I've seen a couple companies doing decal sheets, but these will do for now.

I opted to go with the 101st, rather than the 82nd because...reasons


  1. Great job, Jake! Snipers looks especially nifty. This will be a handsome platoon.

    I picked up several handfuls of WWII figures from the Black Friday sale to bolster my project as well.

    1. Cool, I am interested to see what develops. I have some Artizan figs en route to give me some indirect fires and anti-armor capabilities.

  2. Nicely done! Singly based figures seem to demand a little extra attention to detail!

    1. It does, but these guys are an interesting diversion


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