Screaming Eagles... in 20mm

Platoon Sergeant (L) and Platoon Leader (R)

As mentioned previously, I took the inspiration from my 28mm project to finally finish my older 20mm project.  This required me to paint several new figures, which presented the challenge of matching the old Paint schemes.  I originally did these figures using the old Polly-S line of paints.  Most of my bottles are long since dried beyond recovery, so I was forced to do a lot of estimation from my VJ and AP paints.

My old figures were in fairly rough shape, so I opted to partially solve the problem by touching up the old figures using the newer colors to help tie in the new guys.  This also gave me a chance to finish adding patches and flags to several of the figs.  Everyone also received the minwax treatment to time them together even more.

I went with a green scheme originally as I had painted these (along with my British Paras) for the Arnhem campaign.  I really like the FAA castings as they have a lot of extra detail as well as personality in the sculpts.
2nd Squad
M1919 Team (Firing and in motion)
I discovered that several models, and parts were missing, resulting in the need to paint up replacements.  My Bazooka, for example, is MIA and was replaced with a plastic Panzerschrek from the Bits Box.
Bazooka team (Firing and Moving)
I finally got the mortar sections completed as well as a 57mm AT gun.
2 60mm Mortars (Firing and moving)

57mm AT Gun
Pathfinder team - 2 get used as the FOs
I still had three figures left over, so I figure I can use them with some of the other figures to form an Ad Hoc 3rd Squad if the scenario calls for it.

My medics and Sniper are still MIA, but will turn up eventually.  Hopefully they are hiding with my Italian platoons

I have done a little more 9YO assisted CoC play to get a handle on the rules with these guys, adding in AT fire and some German Armor (Panzer IV and 222 scout car)

1st Squad occupies the ruins of a church with the FO and MMG team

The BAR team gets hammered by the Germans

Germans advance against a the Farmhouse with two MG42 and 50mm Mortars in Support

BN Mortars once again prove decisive for the Airborne

Things were looking great for the Paratroopers, until the Panzer arrived.

The US loses a BAR team, MMG and FOO in short order.

The game turned around for the US with a well placed anti-armor ambush and an exceptional die role on the part of the AT gunner.  I am definitely enjoying these more now.


  1. Nice work on building these forces so quickly and getting them onto the game table! I commend you! Do you have WWII in 6,15,20, and 28mm?

    1. Goodness, I hope not, LOL!

      Anyway, continued great progress!

    2. No 15's. My 1/285 scale collection contains my oldest models and was where I got my start. The 28s are only for my contribution to your project as I wanted to be able to play along as well.

  2. Good going on these figures! I'm starting to get into skirmish mode myself.

    1. It is a fun scale, and skirmishing makes for smaller painting diversions.


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