28mm Screaming Eagles Project III - 1st Squad

More progress on this little diversion.  Eight more paratroopers are complete rounding out the first squad.  I tried to go for an eclectic mix, so these guys come from the Characters and Carbines packs to give a diversity of sculpts.

The paint scheme is the same throughout.  I have taken a different painting style with these guys across the board, to include actually painting the basing material, inks instead of minwax, and painting the highlights rather than drybrushing.  I am liking the overall look of the figs, however, so it might bode for some changes to my usual approach.  The bases are a little more interesting than my usual style, so it may be something I start with new projects in the future.

I have the first half of second quad done as well...

as well as the Platoon AT section

These are proving to be some of my favorite Black Tree Sculpts as there is an excellent mix of dynamic poses and personality in the collection.  This combined with the outstanding value (on sale for a little over $1 each) makes them a winner for me.  I opted to order a few different sculpts through Artizan to finish off the second squad as well as add the necessary mortar and Anti-tank fire power.


  1. These latest additions look terrific! The bazookaman with cigar hanging from his mouth is great!

    1. Thanks, looking at him close up, I should probably consider adding a little color to the tip. I noticed that one of the troopers is also either holding a cigarette or using one of the toy 'crickets' from D-Day. Like I said, I like the personality with these sculpts


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