28mm Screaming Eagle Project Part IV - Mortars

My Platoon sized formation continues to grow.  This time with some reinforcements from Artizan's Paratrooper line.  These figures are proportioned similarly to the BTD models, but with slightly less detail.  (No knee pads for example, and some of the weapons are very rough.)

I like to have some indirect fires to assist with my movement, so I went with two 60mm Mortar teams.  These packs only have three figs rather than the 5 stipulated by the CoC base rules, so I will need to do a few more figs as space fillers.  The radioman and the map guy may also serve additional duties as my artillery observer team until I find some more suitable miniatures.

I also picked up some Pathfinder models to try out, and was not disappointed.  

These guys will probably join 2nd Squad in the short term.  My order seems to have been sent in two groups, so the AT guns and additional Paratroopers will have to wait for the new year.  In the mean time, this project has inspired me to fix-up my 20mm Paratrooper platoon as well as finally finish painting several of the outstanding models for that project.  They should be ready to greet 2016 with a fresh coat of paint.


  1. Nice continuing project development!

    1. Thanks, it has been a fun delve into a neglected era for me. Of course, I just discovered that I need to replace all of my BARs with M1919A4s, so more to come!


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