Union Siegecraft

Some of the more unique models I picked up in my trade for GHQ figs were a sizable collection of siege guns and crews.  I have found sieges to be some of the less interesting forms of tabletop games, so these were not high on my priorities.  My desire for completion, however, means they had to be cranked out eventually.

These are beautifully sculpted pieces, and you get a nice distribution of mortars.  Above are the 13" mortars and below are the 10" pieces.  The biggest difference with these packs are that the crewmen are packed separately into two different crew packs (either Frock Coats or fatigues, with 20 figs per pack).  The packs also come with some stacks of cannon balls, which makes it easier to do a display base.

I mounted these on larger 1.5" square bases as I assumed they would only be used as objective markers, and wanted to present small vignettes.  Not pictured yet are the 7 Coehorn mortars included in the package, as I am still working on a basing plan.


  1. Your siege guns look good. I am sure you can find a place for them in a game.

    1. Maybe, perhaps the bigger siege cannons will get some play when I finish them.

  2. For some reason, I have long been fond of siege mortars, probably the very earliest of gunpowder artillery. The ACW had some memorable sieges - Vicksburg, Petersburg, and of course a sort of siege triggered the war off - Fort Sumter!

    A sortie scenario or a raid ion the siege train both come to mind...


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